News Item: Membership Secretary Wanted
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Friday 12 July 2019 - 11:07:21


Applications for the position of Membership Secretary / ies (Suitable for a couple)

This position is vital to the continued existence of NECPWA.

A computer will be provided & all associated equipment eg laser printer, paper folder, external hard drive, stationery etc.

Applicants need to be computer literate & have access to the internet (a dedicated email address is supplied)

Programmes used are Filemaker Pro database, Microsoft Word & Excel. All of these are installed ready on the PC.

We have a current membership of approximately 930 members & renewals are spread across the 12 months of the year with June having the largest number. We send the membership labels to the magazine distribution team every 6 weeks approx. (This is all set up on the database). There are a few other small tasks like keeping an updated emag list, forwarding monthly new members for inclusion in the magazine, answering member’s queries etc.

However, the current secretaries will provide assistance with all the setting up, ongoing procedures & answering queries.

Please indicate interest in this position or get further information by contacting e mail icon membership at or e mail icon chairman at

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