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Monday 08 November 2021 - 08:55:02

Latest Club Update:

NECPWA 2022 AGM will be held on 24th April. Full details are on the 'Notice Board' - Click Here -

7th September 2021

From the Chairman & Executive Committee…

The last sixteen months has had a considerable effect on our Club and its members. Who would have thought that our activities could have been so curtailed, from lack of rallies, restrictions on Branch meetings, to the reduction of the magazine to an online version? All these meant inevitably that members, unable to meet face-to-face with others and, if not online, would have felt deserted to some extent. Circumstances dictated that other methods of communication were restricted by cost, inconvenience to volunteers and the sheer pace of change of restriction rules.

Therefore, we would like to put on record our thanks to those members who, despite all these problems (which they have paid to endure!), have retained their memberships and continue to support the Club. We will, of course, do our best to resume full normal service as soon as possible – a few events already held have proved successful and welcome - and hope that,perhaps, the hard copy magazine that is due to reach you all shortly is an indication of more ‘normal’ times to come.

31st December 2020

2020 The year never to be forgotten

Who would think we would miss sitting under brollies keeping the Sun off or as in some cases the Rain!

No Christmas meals with members this year or Summer evening road runs with a meal out at some little country pub at the end.

No local branch meetings for a natter or quiz/game (and a meal out) # Sometimes I wonder if we are a Classic Car Club or a Dining Club? #
Some of us have found it quite lonely not having day to day contact with other like-minded people, we hope this coming year we will be able to get the old motors out and take them for glorious runs to shows & rallies and then of course, have a meal out on the way home! Happy Days

When I was at school and did History, most people can remember 1665 as being “The year of the Great Plague” I wonder what kids are taught in the future about 2020 ? will it be Covid 19 or Brexit finally been done and dusted ?

Take Care & Stay safe, hope to see you all in 2021

John & Helen Bilton

16th August 2021

Commencing on September 5th 2021 Tyneside Branch, Breakfast and Coffee Meets are to be held year round on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Sundays of the month (unless another Branch Rally event is scheduled - Click Here - for details.).

These are held at Red Fox Gardenworld & Coffee Shop Gateshead (1st Sunday), Earsdon Farm Shop Earsdon (2nd Sunday), Daniels Farm Shop Wylam (3rd Sunday)and Newbiggin By The Sea Maritime Centre (4th Sunday).

All of the above can be attended in a Classic or Modern car, weather (and car) dependant. Location maps are available online HERE

6th August 2021

Another event has finally been re arranged for the 2021 rally calendar. Tyneside Branch are at the Old Lowlight, Cliffords Fort, North Shields (mouth of the Tyne).

There is room for circa 100 cars with the event running from 10.00 a.m to 4.00 p.m

14th July 2021

As of Tuesday July 20th we will resume the Tyneside Branch road runs & Tea/Meal out.

We will once again meet at the East gate area of Gosforth Park at 6.45 pm to set off by 7.00 pm

John Bilton

17th June 2021

Following the putting back of CV restrictions-easing to 19th. July, the magazine distribution team wish to postpone a printed version of the mag. to 2106, on the basis of ‘better safe than sorry’, and we’ve come this far with e-version; another six weeks won’t affect many members.

As a result, 2105 will be done as an e-version, estimated pub. date 29th June.

11th June 2021

IMPORTANT!! - every Visitor and Exhibitor to Beamish Museum has to fill out a 'Track And Trace' Form or they will be denied entry. Each member of a party in a car has to complete the form i.e. if 4 members of a family attend in one car, under government guidelines, the museum requires 4 returned forms. It has to be done online at - Click Here -

8th May 2021

Witton Castle Rally is going ahead on 31st May Bank Holiday Monday.

Organised by Durham Branch, the event is open to all, club members or not. There will be an area to park everyday cars as well as Classics giving us all an opportunity to meet with members from all areas. There will be no age classes: all historic vehicles will be parked up as you arrive. - Location: - Click Here -

New Applications are available for 2021 - Click Here - Please Note: Covid Restrictions may still apply:

NECPWA will continue to follow all official Government guidelines and will keep you informed of any future plans.

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