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Tuesday 04 August 2020 - 21:56:17

Whilst some very limited Classic Car activity is starting to resume, it is down to everyone personally to follow the Governments latest Coronavirus (COVID‑19)and Social Distancing Advice and 'Stay Safe'

Latest Club Update:

4th August 2020

York Branch Rally 6th September 2020 is proceeding at present however is subject to change so please check the event page: - Click Here -

31st July 2020

John Bilton, Club Chairman: After contacting Beamish Museum today I have been informed that the Events Department that looks after all the outside events etc at the Museum are still on furlough until at least 1st October, therefore our event is cancelled.

Now all the Tyneside events are cancelled, those with this years Season Tickets can use them as payment for next years Season Ticket.

We will be getting in-touch with those members who have paid for the 2020 season to explain the details.

9th July 2020

Cleveland Branch Rally at Hartlepool Rugby Club on July 19th (details in the calendar - Click Here - ) is going ahead after consulting the local council and Police. There will be no limit on numbers as we have to use of the full rugby ground but please arrive by no later 10.45 a.m..

Social distancing guidelines will apply and be prepared to provide contact details if attending.

The club house of the rugby club will be open for use of the toilets etc and will have food & refreshments available.

Anyone that would like to help out with the marshalling to contact Gerry Harper on 07746183505

6th July 2020

Updated Message from the Club Chairman.

Unfortunately Tyneside Branch Rally at Woodhorn Museum July 12th 2020 will not be proceeding at this time.
However things will be kept under review with a view to re arranging this at a later date if things improve.

Newbiggin Maritime Centre July 19th 2020 is now cancelled as with the current restrictions of social distancing we would find it impossible to police fully.

5th May 2020

Magazine Editor Announcement:

There will be no printed versions of the magazine until further notice. Until printing can be resumed, future magazines could be considerably shorter, but will still be sent to those members who have opted for the email version. For more information please read the Full Notice Board item: - Click Here -

For all future editions of NECPWA News, the editor would welcome any article, letter or item relevant to our general purpose - the promotion of classic car ownership . This can still include For Sale/Wanted advertisements, for example, when buyers and sellers would have to organise themselves in light of the current situation.

1st May 2020

An update from the Club Chairman: In this strange world we seem to be living in at the moment, one of Helen’s friends called it like living through a Science-fiction movie. No one seems to know when we will get back to normal. At the moment, we at the Tyneside Branch are cancelling events at the latest time possible. Some other clubs seem to have taken a blanket approach and cancelled the full season, which I, for one, think seems a little OTT.

What we may have to do is rearrange some of the cancelled events after we get the all clear to go back to normal. This may mean extending the season into the October, as always, weather permitting.

We will, of course, keep you all informed if this was to take place. John Bilton

2nd April 2020

All current Club activity is suspended until further notice, other events listed elsewhere may be cancelled/postponed and whilst we will endeavour to list them where appropriate on the noticeboard HERE it is down to individuals to check out the related websites for more information. There is however a special page available Morgans Yearbook Event Updates which is particularly useful for local Northern UK events.

28th March 2020

Due to current Health crisis and NHS/GOV advice, Tyneside Branch will not be sending out any more Season Tickets until it becomes clear what the outcome is to this years rally season.

25th March 2020

The annual rally at Newby Hall is now officially Cancelled this year.

23rd March 2020

Drive It Day - FBHVC Advice

FBHVC All enthusiasts are now urged to stay at home on 26 April 2020 and not partake in any non-essential travel for Drive it Day and instead, get involved in a nationwide social media campaign to spread positivity around historic vehicles during this difficult time.

Durham Regatta is now 'Postponed' so the Classic Rally run by Durham Branch is as well.

21st March 2020

There will be no further print editions of NECPWA News until further notice.
The next edition (2003) will be sent to the email recipients as usual, and further editions will be sent out at the dates already notified. The content of these will inevitably be restricted, but any future contributions by members may still be sent by e- or snail-mail.

Members who normally receive the printed version may email the editor individually and request an email copy until such time as printing resumes. Between editions, watch for information on this website's Home page and/or Notice Board.

19th March 2020

The NECPWA Executive Committee have agreed that AGM Sunday 19th April 2020 is cancelled.

Newby Hall Rally applications are currently 'Suspended'

Members are requested to note that following the Government announcement on Coronavirus, All meetings have been cancelled until the end of April 2020. Whilst future events may show in the online calender it is up to members to follow the Government Advice on Social Distancing.

No decision has yet been made on the Tyneside Season Ticket Rallies yet and these will continue to be issued in the hope that the situation changes in the months ahead.

York Branch It has been decided to cancel all events, including club nights until at least mid June and the organisers of Wassand Hall, Mr Moos, and the Yorkshire Museum of Farming have taken the necessary steps. The club night on 2nd April at The Stone Trough Inn has been cancelled and we hope to resume there in October. Other club night events are suspended and details will be published when they resume.

Sledmere entries have been suspended for the time being and the entry fees already received will be held pending a final decision. The event is under continuous review and further details will be published as soon as anything changes.

We will continue to follow all official and Government guidelines and will keep you informed

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