Request for members to share stories, pictures and videos of car life

Admin, Mon Nov 01 2021

My name is David Langford and I live in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

I've been a classic car guy all my life. Now long retired, I produce videos for our local classic car community at no charge. It's a way of giving back.

I'm always looking to make new friends with similar car interests. As a well respected member of our local classic car fraternity I've made hundreds of good friends. Car people are after-all the best people.

My interest in sending you this email is to hopefully begin a two way correspondence with your members to share stories, pictures and videos of car life. Every car has a story, as do car pictures and video. It's important to say that I am completely non-commercial and sincere in wishing to receive and share videos of local car shows, informal cruise nights and stories.

I am the owner of a 1962 Oldsmobile Starfire, which is not for sale. It's my baby! Please consider this a sample introduction video using my own car. - Click Here -

Locally, car shows were few over the past couple of years due to COVID, however we did have unorganized cruise nights locally 4 nights a week. Here's a look at one of our larger shows in Chatham in 2019. It's a long video (36 minutes,) but I hope you will enjoy in your leisure time.


David Langford - email - dlangford @