NECPWA News 2023 No. 2

Editor, Mon Mar 06 2023

Definitely lost it this edition....................

Who's Who page: Apologies to Bob Luke for omitting description of his front cover car, which should have read: This smart 1972 MG B Roadster is owned by member Bob Luke of West Rainton. It was photographed at Beamish End of Season Rally September 2022 by Ed.
Page 21: Newby Hall entry application: the "How To" guide came too late for the printed version.
Page 28: Tyneside Branch Third Sunday was not corrected, despite J.B.'s letter in the issue.
Page 32: The AGM Notice quoted edition 2203 - should have been 2303.

9th Mar:
Hamsterley Forest Vintage and Classic Car Rally 23rd July 2023. Exhibitors. welcome
Please enter by Eventbrite. Fill in form and display in window. 30 years or older.
Conditions apply. Please see Hamsterley Forest Vintage and Classic Facebook advert.

10th Mar: Printer's error: Page 11 has been duplicated in some (possibly all) copies. Correction in 2303.

If anybody spots anything else, don't be surprised - just let me know!

Thanks - D.