Club Website Changes for 2024.

Admin, Sat Nov 04 2023

2024 will bring a change of how the club is delivering some online services.

NECPWANORTH website is being discontinued from 12th December with all the details of Northern Branch meetings and events etc. being moved over to the main club website with links in the main menu and Sitemap.

York Branch website is also moving and will be combined into the main site plus after a recent change to Branch Officers, the opportunity has been taken to change some e mail accounts in an effort to reduce the 'spam' that was affecting them, (links on the York Branch page have already been updated accordingly)

For 2024 to reach the Northern Branches page the address is now and for the latest 'Event' details they will be on The Tyneside Branch 'Season Ticket' application form will be available to download at (from late March to early September annually)

All the links detailed above are in the main 'site menu', the 'sitemap' plus an item on the homepage so you should all hopefully be able to find what you need.

With everything online these days, care should be taken with any embed links on web pages, in e mails etc. to ensure they go where you think they should so please 'hover' your mouse over them, then look in the bottom left corner of your browsers window where the actual address should appear, before pressing that mouse key!
Re: Club Website Changes for 2024.
Admin, Sat Mar 09 2024

UPDATE: From December 1st 2023 now runs in https (secure) mode following the installation of a security certificate and a cleaner colour palette.

March 2024

We have now upgraded the software (Content Management System) that actually runs the site to the latest version to incorporate a new theme (look) and removed a lot of the duplicated content to give everything a 'cleaner' look.

York Branch content has also been moved over to the main site.

Everything has been tested and checked in MS Edge, Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Brave Browsers and should now load faster with optimised images and should also be fully 'responsive' for mobile devices (well one can only hope).

If you find any annoying issues, please e-mail me at the address in the club magazine.