Advertising in NECPWA NEWS

The Club magazine is issued 8 times a year and advertisements from members and the trade are accepted. Online newsitems on this site are available at all times.

You can submit advertising 'copy' to the Editor, David Stanley - email - necpwamag @, but you need to check with him for the actual date of the Magazine Deadline (cut off dates for submission for the next magazine are published in each current magazine and on this sites 'Home' page)

Advertising on this website only:

Rates are half of the 'Trade' shown above for the Hard Copy Printed Magazine.

Adverts will only be accepted and go 'live' once payment has been received.

All payments are to be made to the Club Treasurer: John Nicholson - email - treasurer @ and no advertisement will be run without a current payment. These must be paid in advance: either for 6 months or a regular monthly bank payment (Standing Order, or similar) made to NECPWA.

Advertising Rates Trade Advertising Rates
Spicers Auctions
Tel: 01405 203203 - Open Viewing days 1 week prior to sale.
Vintage Petrol Pump Garage
Tel: 01723 859886
RLangley Arts
Tel: 0191 3730086
Classic & Retro Autos
Tel: 0191 3730086
Classic car tuning Vintage Car Insurance
Tel: 01883 74040
Club Stores Hours
Classic Line Insurance
Autocool Radiators Advertise HERE